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Good Life Games of Pinellas County and twenty other Regional Florida Senior Games create a series of year-round competitive events, for athletes age 50 and over, culminating at the annual Florida Senior Games State Championships that are held each year in December.
The twenty-one regional competitions begin in January and occur throughout Florida except for May, June, July, August, and December. To participate in qualifying state events participation in one of the twenty-one regional events is required. Open events do not require qualifying at a regional site. All twenty-one of the regional competitions are sanctioned by the Florida Sports Foundation, the official sports organization for the State of Florida, to qualify participants for state-level competition. The Florida Sports Foundation (FSF) and the Florida Senior Games State Championships are members of the National Senior Games Association (NSGA).

National Senior Games are held throughout the country on a rotating bases every two years in the odd-numbered years for the qualifiers in the State Games in the even-numbered years. The National Senior Games offers competition in eighteen sports. Participating athletes must be fifty years old or older and must qualify in an NSGA-sanctioned State Senior Games in order to compete. The top state finishers in the odd-numbered years do not advance to the national games.

The Florida Sports Foundation defines a "limited" event as one in which an athlete may not find suitable opportunities for qualification at a Florida Local Senior Games Qualifier. Softball and Volleyball are considered "Limited" events. In order to qualify in a "Limited" event, one must register for that event at a sanctioned Florida Local Senior Games Qualifier. If competition is not available, an athlete may request to be included as qualified by that Florida Local Senior Games Qualifier for which they registered.