Volunteers Needed

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There is an opportunity for you as an individual volunteer in every position at the GLG. Do you have the knowledge, skills, talent, and desire to be a part of the Good Life Games? Volunteers have flex hours. you on your time.

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Event Directors Needed

You may have noticed there are only three events posted for the 2023 Games, and you may be wondering why.  The answer is this; if we do not have an Event Director for an Event, we cannot produce the Event. We do have a few more possible Games to post, but more details are needed before they are posted. Here is a list of Event Directors needed for the 2023-2024 Games: Archery, Bag Toss, Basketball Shooting, Bowling, Cycling, Field Events, Fitness Challenge, Golf par 72, Shuffleboard, Tennis, Texas Hold’em, Track, Washer Toss, and Weight Pentathlon.

“Live a Life Worthy of the Calling you Have Received”

Possible ways you may help


Volunteer Positions 

Accountant / Accounting Software    


Bookkeeper / Accounting Software

Bowling Center Recruiter

Bowling Center Relations       

Bowling League Coordinator

City and County Recruiter

City and County Relations

Club Recruiter

Club Relations

Communication Administrator / Communication Software

Communication Assistant / Communication Software

Event Director

Fundraising Recruiter / Fundraising Software

Fundraising Relations / Fundraising Software

Game Directors

Game Director Relations

Game Recruiter

General Manager

Grant Writer

Historian / Results

Media Recruiter

Media Relations

Medical Doctor

Media Writer

Personal Director


Social Media Host

Sponsor Recruiter

Sponsor Relations

Vendor Relations

Volunteer Administrator

Volunteer Job Description Designer and Writer

Volunteer Manager

Volunteer Recruiter / Volunteer Software

Volunteer Relations / Volunteer Software

Web Master

Web Design