Pinellas County Senior Games 50+

2023 marks a new beginning for the Good Life Games.

The devastating effect COVID-19 has had on the Good Life Games has caused the cancelation of many games, a considerable drop in participation, and a loss of directors, volunteers, sponsorships, and financial support. In 2022 we received the resignation of three Members of the Board of Directors, including Charles Hayes, Board Member, and Golf Director, Dr. Walt Deal, Board Member, and Event Game’s Coordinator Director, and Peggy Deal, Board Treasurer, and Office Administrator. Walt and Peggy Deal have been the driving force within the Good Life Games for the past two decades. They have taken on the task of whatever needed to be done; if an event needed a director Walt became that Event Director. If a volunteer was missing, without question, Peggy took on that task. With their resignations, the Games is left with many unfilled positions.

The Challenges

The challenges of the 2023 Good Life Games are immense.

This will require your patience, your participation, and your help.


An absolute essential for the rebuilding of the Good Life Games is a new website that will serve as the foundation and structure of all the Games. We now have online regression for the Good Life Games and all the 2023 Events. To register for an event you must first register with the Good Life Games at The registration fee of $20 gives you access to register in all of the GLG 2023 Events. The event fees are separate fees. The GLG website is in the Alpha Stage (up and running while the bugs are found and corrected).

If you have visited the new website, you may have noticed there are only three events posted so far, for the 2023 Games, and you may be wondering why.  If we do not have an Event Director for an Event, we cannot produce the Event. We do have a few more possible games to add to the 2023 Games, but more details are needed before they are posted.

Event Directors Needed

Here is a list of Event Directors needed for the 2023-2024 Games: Archery, Bag Toss, Basketball Shooting, Bowling, Cycling, Field Events, Fitness Challenge, Golf par 72, Shuffleboard, Tennis, Texas Hold’em, Track, Washer Toss, and Weight Pentathlon.


The Good Life Games is an all-volunteer organization that receives no government support. We partner with the cities of Pinellas County for many of our venues, and volunteers. We partner with businesses for sponsorships, services, advertising, gifts, coupons, and volunteers.

Volunteers Needed

There is an opportunity for you as an individual volunteer in every position at the GLG. Do you have the knowledge, skills, talent, and desire to participate in the Good Life Games? Volunteers have flex hours. you on your time. Volunteer Here

“Live a Life Worthy of the Calling you Have Received”