Annual Registration

This year The Good Life Games is electronic registration only. This means you will need to first register on this website and once you are registered you may sign up for any events listed for this year. Each event is an additonal $10.

The first step is to fill out this registration form and pay $20 to become a member of The Good Life Games. This is an annual registration fee and will need to be renewed next year.
You will be asked to enter a username and password. This will allow you to come back to the website throughout the year to register for new events or check your account.
Once you have your account and you are logged in, you may look at the list of events and register for any of them. 

Steps to Get Registered for an Event

  1. Register for a Good Life Games account here. It will cost $20.00. You will be emailed a receipt.
  2. Sign in with Your Username and password and navigate to the list of events here
  3. Select the event you wish to register for and the button that says "Register (Individual)"
  4. Fill out that events registration form and pay the additional $10 for that event. You will be emailed a receipt.

Once you are registered, you may look at your active registration(s) here.

Do you have more questions about registering. Send us an email here.

Price: $20.00